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Sharps FAQ

What is included in the PMDS Solution?

ProMed will provide all the necessary materials to manage you Sharps Medical Waste. This includes the sharps containers, shipping materials, transportation, disposal and confirmation of disposal. DLD also sends a notice of disposal to the Sate of Michigan Department of Heath as required by law.

What type of Sharps Containers does ProMed offer?

ProMed offers a variety of Sharps Containers from manufactures like BD, Kendall, Bemis etc. If we do not offer the style you prefer then please let us know. We access to many different types of containers. In addition, you can request "Disposal Only" and we will provide you a Shipping and Disposal Solution that excludes that sharps containers. We will need to know your container information (Manufacture and Model #) to assure that we are providing you the proper disposal solution.

Does ProMed monitor our 90-day disposal requirement?

ProMed will help you manage your waste cycle to assure that you are always in compliance. Please click on our "Schedule my Service" link and you can choose the frequency of service that best matches your needs. We offer Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, and Quarterly Options.

Does ProMed require us to enter into a contract/service agreement?

ProMed does not require any customer to sign a contract or service agreement. We feel that if a customer is happy then they will stay. You have the option to request a scheduled service however you can cancel at anytime for whatever reason.

Can ProMed transport Sharps Medical Waste?

ProMed provides you with all the necessary shipping materials to properly ship your medical waste with your ProMed Driver. When packaged correctly, our solution not only meets all DOT Requirements but they exceed them. Our solution was designed specifically to meet the packing requirements outlined in the CFR for proper shipping name UN3291, Regulated Medical Waste, n.o.s., 6.2, PGII 173 .134 (b)

Who is responsible for packaging our Sharps Medical Waste?

Each Waste Generator (The office shipping Sharps Waste) is responsible for preparing their used sharps for shipping. Directions for preparing your sharps waste are included within each PMDS Solution as well as our website. Please feel free to call us at 586-532-6300 with any questions.

Is ProMed a Licensed Hazardous Waste Management Facility?

ProMed is NOT a licensed Hazardous Waste Disposal Company. We contract DLD to properly dispose of your Sharps Medical Waste. We are providing you with all the materials needed to ship your sharps medical waste in compliance with DOT requirements.

Who is DLD?

DLD, Drug & Laboratory Disposal Inc., is a licensed Hazardous Waste Management Facility. Their EPA ID Number:MID092947928 is notated on your shipping manifest. Upon completion, DLD provides each generator with a certificate of proper disposal for their records.

Does ProMed Service all of Michigan?

ProMed services every address in Michigan south of the Mackinaw Bridge. We have over 175 drivers across Michigan. ProMed has terminals in Royal Oak, Flint, Grayling, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Jackson. It does not matter if you are located in Detroit or in Petoskey. You get the same service at the same low price!

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